viernes, 31 de octubre de 2014


One more year, many students at IES La Rosaleda, have been working and preparing some projects about Halloween.

Let me show you what some of them have done:
  1. -The First Year Course of Técnicos en Servicios en Restauración ( 1SR) had to answer some questions that you can see in this link:  HALLOWEEN WITH 1SR
  2. The Second Year Course Técnicos en Servicios en Restauración have done several activities that are explained clicking on the following link.
  3. The First Year Course of the  Bilingual Baccalaureate as well as other courses of Baccalaureate have worked on this important document that you can consult clicking on this link.

Some bilingual students prepared a table to recreate a Halloween Photocall with the posters, then some of us took a picture there.

The English teacher in 1SR used these videos in class with the students and suggested the bilingual teachers to use them in our classes too:
Learn American Holidays – Halloween.  Learn English with

Trick Or Treat Folks 1952 Halloween Cartoon.avi.




This is halloween [English subtitles]

Halloween corner. OUP.


Scared Shrekless 2010 with English subtitle.


 HALLOWEEN (vocabulary)

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