miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013


On the 6th February 1937 the troops of the general Gonzalo Queipo de Llano came into Málaga. Nearly 100.000 republican people had to escape to Almería by the only possible way, the N-340 which was named The Death Road”.

About 150.000 men, women and children tried to escape and look for a place to hide and be saved. They were very scared of the “National troops”. There was no place to run away but the N-340 and so there they were, all the fascists, who were bombarding everyone from the ships, from the air from the earth with the tanks.

The Italian troops came from the north, Queipo de Llano’ soldiers came from the west and, the ships from the fascist F. Franco were waiting on the sea. These assassin troops were helped by Italian and German fascists. To know precisely how many people died there is absolutely impossible. However, some sources say that many dead bodies ended up in mass graves or that the Guadalfeo River took them with it. In the San Rafael mass grave, more than 4.300 victims have been identified according to Andrés Fernández, a scientist and the man responsible for the researching the Cemetery San Rafael.

 “Boys only wore their trousers and girls only wore their wide dresses. All of them were half-dressed and beneath the sun…. “(Norman Bethune’s notes who was a Canadian Surgeon and a voluntary doctor working with the “Socorro Rojo”). 

Texto traducido del artículo de prensa de Público Por Mª Isabel Pérez Ortega
 Correcciones  por Samantha Potts
                                                                   Málaga, 6 de febrero de 2013

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